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Sales & Marketing intern
Gain awesome and invaluable experience in Sales and Marketing!

We are an early stage technology startup looking for an enthusiastic addition to our team to help build out our sales effort.

What you will be getting
  • Fantastic on the job training
  • Awesome working environment
  • Opportunity to interact with clients!
  • A chance to join take up a permanent position!

Sales can be a tough and gruelling process - this is an opportunity to learn, adapt and see if you can make a real difference in the growth of a startup!

Strong communication skills, basic comfort with web based services is preferred.

This is a paid internship.

Sales Executive
About Us
  • We have started an online booking management platform. Most of the technology work is done and we have have been running a lot of the functionality in beta with a few key clients.
  • We let any business with any booking needs (from companies that need to book meeting slots, to hair stylists / personal trainers etc. ) use our cloud based platform to manage and accept bookings.eg(http://www.booktheslot.com/mywidget.aspx?pId=136)
  • So everyone gets a backend software service and an ability to accept payments on their website/facebook page using a widget or using our website.
  • Unlike other online booking websites, our focus is on providing the software to the service providers rather than selling discounted appointments.

Whats next for the company
  • We are currently building out the “front-end” to allow search and discover functionality. Our target is to complete this /ready too launch this in the next 2-3 weeks.
  • We are actively looking to sign up providers for the platform - and this is where we are looking to get people onboard.

A bit about the role
  • Our sales efforts are focussed on two ends - a) purely telemarketing to generate leads and b) in person meetings / personalised calls to either to generate new leads and sign up providers or to sign up providers with leads generated from our telemarketing efforts
  • We’d like to see if you’d be interested in (b)
  • It’ll involve you pitching to clients, demonstrating the platform and signing up providers/creating accounts (with our help of course)
  • We have an office of oxford circus - some of the work will be from there and for the rest it will be on the ground.
  • Success for us will be measured by number of providers signed up who start using the service

What’s in it for you
  • We think its a super exciting space just waiting to explode. There are a number of established players with outdated business models (old offline software) that will be replaced, a significant number of providers who are now entering the digital world who will want a service like this and the current alternative options being offered are just scaling up and are at very high profit margins.
  • So we think if we can get this right, it can be a very high growth scalable business model
  • We think the best way to start is for you and us to give each other a trial period to see if this works for both us. This can be say 2 to 4 weeks (with say the first few days given to training and gaining familiarity with the platform). During this period we can figure out some basic remuneration to cover for costs etc.
  • After this, if this can work for both you and us we’d be looking to add revenue share / equity to this.
  • We are just building out our sales effort, so you’ll be key in spearheading it, building strategy, hiring a team.